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Alumni Speak

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Zainab Shabbir Ujjaini

Batch of 2017
Soon-to-be Journalist

Fatema Zaki

Batch of 2013
Software Developer

Taher Shabbir Kapadia

Batch of 2012
Civil Engineer

Ummulkiram Asif Khambati

Batch of 2013
Soon-to-be Doctor

Mohsin Lightwala

Batch of 2011
Civil Design Engineer

As an engineer of any kind, these days, you have to know a lot more than engineering physics. The engineer of today is an all-rounder. They can debate in a meeting room, give a speech, do cost analysis, determine feasibility, learn new innovations and forget the old obsolete ways. Assess that last sentence; you have not even started university but you have already started gaining those skills. I am sure your experience is the same as mine was. Juggling tests with a quiz show while being part of the basketball team and being in the student council. Don’t we do it all as MSB students? When I was going to s tudy Civil Engineering at university, I felt equipped because of MSB. I don’t remember much about WHAT I learnt in MSB, but I r emember HOW I learnt it. Today I’m working at a Design Consultancy and at my role as an engineer I am not limited to what I know, but what I can learn.

Nafisa Shabbir

Batch of 2011
Soon-to-be Dentist

Most of us have a mental picture of ourselves 10 years down the road doing what we’ve always wanted to do. As a student, I wasn’t any different. There I stood, tall and confident, with a lab coat over my Rida, at a Medical conference half way across the world. Your dreams don’t change who you are. The morals and values that MSB has taught me is within me, embedded deep in every fiber of my being. I carry it proudly wherever I go and whomever I meet.

Over the years of studying in this school under Moula’s nazar and the guidance of amazing teachers, MSB has showed me that standing out from the crowd and proving yourself to be different in the best way possible is what you should be aiming for. This motto will stay with me forever.

Sarrah Saasa

Batch of 2012

My experience at MSB Dubai has been life changing. Growing up in an environment that enriched us with deen and duniya made me capable to face the real world and excel in it, and at the same time not getting swayed by its vices. The faith that the teachers had in me at MSB and their encouragement to expose myself to various activities- be it MUNs, event management and school leadership- has shaped me into who I am today. I could not have asked for better mentors, as they are the ones who inspired the love of learning within me, the ones who taught me the discipline required to learn and succeed, which is a major reason I was able to do so well in the rigorous programme of London School of Economics. A couple of months before my graduation, I was offered a teaching position at a prestigious school in Ahmedabad which further helped me nurture my passion for learning, which translated into my passion for teaching.

It was my dream, when I started my career, to return to the place that impacted me so greatly (in the best way I could ever think of) and do Moula TUS’s khidmat in the familial atmosphere of MSB Dubai with the values and ethos that was so fundamental in my upbringing as a muminah at MSB. I hope to make a difference in the lives of the coming generations of our community the same way my muraqibeen and teachers did for my class, every single day.

Yusuf Juzer

Batch of 2013

As time goes by, we tend to forget the equations and theories that we learned at school. However, the values and principles stay with us forever. The moral foundations that were laid by MSB have shaped my life. Ever since I stepped out of the school, the values embedded in me have been my moral compass. After graduation, I was given a choice; take up a job or take a year off to complete my hifz. Initially I was scared of being left behind in the race of life. However, my moral compass pointed in the direction of the most important value I had learnt at MSB – Moula’s khushi precedes everything. Just follow the path that would make Moula happy and everything else works out. Even today, almost a year after I completed my hifz, I face moral dilemmas everyday as a businessman. And my MSB moral compass always serves me well.