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Annual Sports Day 2020

(Years 3-11)

February 5 and 6, 2020

Sports season at MSB!

The Annual Sports Day began with the lighting of the athletic torch and valuable words from our Chief Guest. This was followed by a disciplined display of the March Past prowess of our teams. The flexible MSB gymnasts proved that agility and teamwork go hand-in-hand, and their astonishing feat was received by a roaring and cheering crowd! Our drill masters used a variety of props and actions to promote virtues such as tolerance and integrity, especially in a year when the world will come together at the Expo 2020. Shot put, cricket ball throw, long jump and other competitions ensured that the Sports Day was a well-rounded event that focused on various aspects of fitness. And then… it was time to put on those running shoes! A multitude of races brought up the energy level by several notches – high-octane from the get-set-go…

Winning list

March Past – Girls:
Winners : Blue
1st Runners-up: Yellow

March Past – Boys:
Winners : Red
1st Runners-up: Yellow

Winners : Blue
1st Runners-up: Yellow

Overall championship:
Winners : Blue
1st Runners-up: Red

Individual champions

Burhanuddin Khuzema Jabalpurwala: Blue
1st Runners-up: Red

Huzefa Abbas Ali: Yellow
Farida Adnan: Bue

Super Seniors:
Ali Asharaf Barbaya : Red
Mariya Sadriwala: Green