Art During the Lockdown

Written By: Batul Mufaddal Patanwala 4A MSB.

I am sure my fellow MSBIANS are busy studying at home. But let me first ask you all, how are you doing? Well what are you doing in lockdown apart from studying?

Well, if I talk about 4A, they are learning and practicing art and competing with their friends. You can find in this blog some of the drawings made by year 4A students and their thoughts about art.

Do you think art is fun?

I feel that art is a refreshing as it gives us freedom to use our imagination. It inspires us to create new things and gives us courage and strength to always do what we want. Jamila Ali Akbar says, “Stay happy and love art!” Well, I totally agree.

As Jackson Pollock says, “Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” When I am asked why art is important, I always quote, Lousie Bourgeois who said, “the earth without art is just ‘eh.” And as Quresh from year 4A says, art keeps his happy and allows him to avoid boredom.

You don’t always need lots of resources to create art. You can use just Sharpies to draw like Hussain Tayyabi who says he likes adding cuteness in his work.

Egdar Degas once said, “Art is not what you see but is what you make others see.”

Art captures your memories for your rest of your life, so this summer break, let’s pick up paint and brushes and create some art!

Hope you are encouraged and inspired by the thoughts of year 4A and we will be very happy to know that you are creating new things in lockdown and remember, don’t be sad as soon we will be back to school! Till then, paint, create and stay happy!

Post your art using hashtag: #msbdubaimsbiansartwork

Written By: Batul Mufaddal Patanwala