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Bird feeder workshop- June

The students of Year 5 to Year8 had a wonderful opportunity to create bird feeders in a carpentry workshop with expert guidance. This is a noble initiative under the umbrella of Project Rise- Rise to Feed in collaboration with Dubai Cares. These bird feeders are made using scrap wood and the amount  generated by selling these will be used for charity by Dubai Cares. Ten students from each year group were selected based on their creativity for the workshop.

This session was held at A.N.I.D in Abu Hail, Dubai in an after school session for two hours in the first week of June 2021.It was a great opportunity for the students to work with real carpenters and learn the skill of wood cutting, polishing, joining and nailing. Not only did they learn carpentry and woodwork skills, but they also life lessons like patience is the key to success. While the workshop developed their skills it also contributed to the community and environment as all of the profits made from selling the bird feeders will go to students who are not able to afford education through Dubai Cares. It also supports the aim of Project Rise by feeding the birds. 

This philanthropic event culminated with the important members from the Dubai Environment Section’s visit on the occasion of official launching of the bird feeders campaign to the public.