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MSB Private School (Junior Campus)

MSB Private School (Junior Campus) is located at Al Nahda 2 in Dubai. Built in 2004, the school offers modern infrastructure that supports learning, play and creativity in a safe environment. The Primary campus offers facilities dedicated to the foundation stage and key stage 1. Our young learners enjoy spacious classrooms, well-equipped activity rooms, a library, an ICT lab and sprawling play areas. These amenities provide a suitable environment to cater to the needs of our students in a dynamic world.

MSB Private School (Secondary Campus)

MSB Private School (Secondary Campus) is located about 100 meters from the Primary campus and offers modern yet traditional, vibrant yet peaceful, spacious yet cozy facilities and infrastructure. Its elaborate architecture and attention-to-detail point toward an ethos of quality and perfection – in all aspects of education – for its students, teachers and staff. The 3-storey building is equipped with four science labs, ICT labs, library and modern classrooms. The campus also has a 32,000 sq. ft. sports field and covered play areas.

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