Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony The Investiture Ceremony 2022-‘23 was held on the 29th of September,2022 to constitute a new student council. The Student Council of MSB Dubai were adorned with their badges and sashes by the Leadership Team. The newly elected student council pledged to model integrity and humility as leaders and are committed to shoulder their […]

World ocean day- June

World ocean day- June The MSBians of Dubai participated in the Middle East Painting competition with a lot of enthusiasm. Around sixty students from Foundation stage to Year 9 registered for the event through a Google form shared with the parents. The competition was organised in both the schools- Art room on various days as […]

Unjunk – upcycle art competition – april

Unjunk – upcycle art competition – april Sustainable living involves being aware of resource consumption and waste management. Together we can support a Regenerative Recovery by Rethinking what is possible. What we’ve learned from the Coronavirus pandemic crisis is Through creative, reflective and meaningful art activities our students can easily take action and generate awareness about the […]

EEG Drawing competition – March

EEG Drawing competition – March The students of Year2 to Year 6 participated in an Interschool Environment Drawing competition organised by the Emirates Environment group. Despite the fact that the much-awaited Expo had to be pushed by an entire year, the UAE did not flinch, but continued to remain resilient as it made arrangements to […]

Bird feeder workshop- June

Bird feeder workshop- June The students of Year 5 to Year8 had a wonderful opportunity to create bird feeders in a carpentry workshop with expert guidance. This is a noble initiative under the umbrella of Project Rise- Rise to Feed in collaboration with Dubai Cares. These bird feeders are made using scrap wood and the […]

Ted Talk

Ted Talk Ted Talks helps the students to step on the stage and engage in school based TED talks. Children get the idea of public speaking and it helps them to create and deliver well-formed ideas. The feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins as you stand in front of a crowd can be deemed […]

World food day

World food day IS ZERO GOOD? When we aim at zero food wastage and zero hunger, ZERO is definitely the best. As part of the World Food Day activities, students collaborated with Maitha Thani Al-Marri, the Dubai Municipality’s Senior Food Trade Hygiene Officer and Member of the UAE Food Bank along with Mr. Yousif Fidaali […]

Designing the next 50’ years

Designing the next 50’ years A collaborative brainstorming session for students and teachers was facilitated by a prominent educationist Mr. Neel Vaidyanathan with a focus on ‘Designing the next 50’ years in sustainability and education respectively. 3 key questions were pondered upon: Challenges that we are likely to face in the next decade; key skill-sets […]

Investiture Ceremony 2020 – 2021

Investiture Ceremony 2020 – 2021 The Student Council of MSB Private School, Dubai was invested with their responsibilities in an inspiring ceremony on the 12th of October.  As always, it was an occasion of solemnity as we watched our young students march up to the stage and take up their positions of leadership. At the […]

Shk Rashid Day

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