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EEG Drawing competition – March

The students of Year2 to Year 6 participated in an Interschool Environment Drawing competition organised by the Emirates

Environment group.

Despite the fact that the much-awaited Expo had to be pushed by an entire year, the UAE did not flinch, but continued to

remain resilient as it made arrangements to host the Expo in a post-pandemic world. With the sub-theme of Expo 2020 being

Sustainability, corporates and various multi-national stakeholders have united under this common platform. The Expo exhibits

multiple opportunities and scope for improvement in terms of sustainability. EEG called upon its participants and asked them to

represent what they think the implications of the exhibition would be towards the future of sustainability in UAE and the world.

The students of year 2 to Year 4 created drawings with the theme- Your Vision of Biodiversity for 2030.

The theme for Year 5 and Year 6 was- Expo Dubai and the future of Sustainability during the Art class