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Global Warming- What does it take to stop it?

Ahmed Mustansir Year 8

The issue of global warming has accelerated since the industrial and technological revolutions in the 19th and 20th centuries. To some, it is merely a hoax while to others, it is a problem that is for future generations to solve. But global warming is just as much a modern day problem then it will be a future problem. Global warming is causing the world largest icecaps and glaciers that have existed for thousands of years to melt and is making many species go near extinct. First, how do we measure global warming? Scientists can predict and measure global warming by measuring the average surface temperature of the planet. Due to yearly fluctuations in this temperature, they usually use a period of thirty years to map the change in the Earth’s temperature. So how can we stop this impending existential threat? The main cause of global warming is pollution and burning of fossil fuels. This is needed to fuel the world’s biggest economies and industries but in the past few decades, rapidly accelerating industry has also accelerated greenhouse gas output. This problem could be solved by imposing heavier regulations on factories and certain industries that have a higher record of pollution. This would heavily decrease greenhouse gases in some of the world’s fastest growing countries. Another cause for the acceleration of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels such as coal. This could easily be achieved by switching to a more renewable, electricity or nuclear thorium based power grid. Global warming is everybody’s problem so we should take action right now before it is too late…