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Gratuitous Quarantine Time

Zainab Lokhandwala, Grade 10 A

Countries around the world are implementing measures to slow the spread of the deadly virus, Covid19, which is national quarantines to school closure, moreover, a strict regulation to not step out of the house. But what productive work can people do in this time? We cannot spend our entire day laying on the couch with the television on (as I do myself 😊). Here are some simple yet effective tips on what to do while you are quarantined at you home for…who knows?

Tip#1: Read a good novel, or a self-development book

Well…Who doesn’t love a good book, with a hot cup of coffee (I prefer a double chocolate mocha), sitting beside you window and enjoying and understanding every word the author has written. Moreover, the feeling of joy when you complete a book/novel is- out of the space! If not a hardcopy, online books are much available and thanks to the advanced technologies provided to us, we can easily get any reading app such as kindle or audible, which also provides an audio for the respective book.

Tip#2: Learn a new language

You’ve probably heard this tip a thousand times, but being bilingual offers many cognitive, social, and professional benefits. “Salut, comment vas tu?”-see! I have already learnt this new phrase in this week. It’s French which delighted me.  With the help of internet and Mr. Google, go out and find new languages and research on them. It’s a shame not to even try “Good morning” at least!

Tip#3: Cooking a non-poisonous meal

Many people find cooking difficult yet stress-relieving. Let me tell you the truth. I tried to cook a meal for my family; no doubt, I had the best 2 and a half hours with my mother in the kitchen but the mess was also left upon me to clean. Nevertheless, I also ended up having two or three hairs in the gravy (okay, maybe five…) But no one noticed! In the end, I had a scrumptious stress buster experience and did the same the next day! (without the hair though-)

PS: Always cook with an experienced person next to you; mostly I recommend your mom, as if any ups or downs happen to be, you can, with full rights, blame it on them 😊

Tip#4: Spend some time in your personal care

A great way to productively spend your free time would be looking into your personal care. Whether you have moisturized your skin effectively, or is your hair getting enough amount of nutrients and care. Take time, relax and give attention to your skin- you have complete 2 months of free time to make it glow!

Tip#5: Discover your Shakespeareness

If you think that Shakespeare did not do a great job by writing plays such as Romeo-Juliet and Hamlet, why not make your own attempt on it?

Even if you don’t, writing is an excellent way to spend some time. It doesn’t have to be anything formal you will submit to a publishing house. Do it for fun, do it to sharpen your writing skills, and nurture your creativity!

Try blogging on anything you’re passionate and knowledgeable about — from describing a slice of the worlds smoothest, mouth melting chocolate cake to the adventurous trip to Mt. Everest. Publish your own blog to get those thoughts and feelings out of your system and into the wider world.

Tip#6: Act of obedience to God

In this challenging, terrifying and worsening time of our lives, we should always keep time for praying to God. As a Muslim, the primary purpose of Salah is to act as a person’s communication with Allah. Purification of the heart is the ultimate religious objective of Salah. We should purify our heart and souls to keep ourselves away from the deadly diseases.