Dreamline Project

The students of year 8 created their own dreams for a better future in light of the global sustainable developmental goals. They created these paintings on canvas, which is a part of a clothes line going around the world, where students of all ages have participated with the same aim. This was an online project completed in January 2019. Their dreams were also displayed during the MSB Carnival, inspiring parents to draw their own dreams on a huge canvas.

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Going Global Carnival

March 1, 2019: The MSB Going Global Carnival was an amalgamation of all things good! With five pavilions, food stalls, games, sports, stage shows, magic tricks, shopping and lots more on offer, it was a guaranteed ticket to fun.

The variety at the MSB Carnival meant to show diversity by honouring “The Year of Tolerance”. Our children managed their own game stalls and donated the money earned to the charity drive initiated by Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives (MBRGI). The cause of the Carnival was to raise money for education – ‘Education for All’.

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Graduation Day 2019

As per MSB tradition, year 10 hosted a send-off for the graduating class of 2019. The Graduation Day was themed F.R.I.E.N.D.S and was a blend of humorous entertainment, emotional moments and a tongue-in-cheek award ceremony, followed by a buffet dinner.

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Grandparents’ Day

October 2, 2019: To celebrate this event, MSB announced a competition across-grades for children to shoot a video with their grandparents, thanking them and finding out what makes them happy. Our excited students submitted plenty of entries and two lucky winners were awarded appreciation certificates at the close of the assembly. Year 9 presented a skit and students were made aware of the importance of grandparents in their lives.

The primary section invited grandparents to visit the school and be a part of the children’s classes. They shared stories with our young students and spoke of honour and respect. The kids showered their gratitude by making colourful cards.

A Gratitude tree was created and placed near the library of our secondary section, where students wrote short messages and pinned cards for their grandparents.

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Investiture Ceremony

MSB’s student council is appointed via a rigorous process of selection and interviews. The investiture ceremony for 2019-20 was held on September 30, 2019, following a theme of ‘Walk the Talk’.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the holy Quran and national anthem. This was followed by a march by all the prefects. Speeches by the school’s leadership encouraged and engaged the council members and inspired them to be upright leaders.

This year, new positions were added to the council portfolio, such as Well-Being Ambassador and Environmental Ambassador.

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Our students took part in the 8th annual MUN (a role-play simulation of the United Nations) Conference hosted by Delhi Private School, Dubai. Our students were delegates of various countries in General Assembly 1, General Assembly 3 and UNESCO. Students experienced hands-on what it was like representing countries as delegates, debating about world issues and collaborating with students from other schools to form resolutions.

Two of our students won the Best Position Paper awards in their committees:

Taher Zainuddin (year 7) in UNESCO

Shabbar Rationwala (year 10) in General Assembly 1

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Students of years 10 and 11 visited the Dubai Public Prosecution on September 22, 2019.

From gathering basic jurisdiction information, a social lecture, to visiting a private court room and women’s detention centre, the children experienced the place under the supervision of prosecutors and policemen. The event was managed by the hosts of the NIBRAS program, designed to inform children under the age of 18 on how to avoid a crime-filled life and live peacefully. They did a commendable job on spreading legal and social awareness.

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Robotic Expo

November 11, 2019: Presented by Unique World Education, the Robotic Expo at MSB gave our students a glance at future technological advancements in robotics. The tour comprised of nine zones:

  • Electronics
  • Coding
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Internet of things
  • Industrial automation
  • Virtual/Augmented reality
  • Humanoid
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Artificial intelligence/Machine learning

Each student spent 90 minutes at the Expo and participated in a range of activities, including:

  • Understanding the basics of electronics and mechanical concepts
  • Introduction to Scratch, MBlock, Ardublock
  • Operating and developing work with unmanned systems
  • Learning about the cloud system (control home systems, design self-driving vehicles, optimise energy, and so on)
  • Encountering immersive graphics
  • Experiencing programming tools using humanoid robots
  • Machine learning
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Previewing how to supervise robots and set up systems for working industries
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UAE National Day

Our staff and students joined the nation enthusiastically to celebrate UAE National Day in the school campus, which was beautifully decorated with colours of the UAE flag.

  • Students from years 8 to 10 conducted a special assembly.
  • Hussain Badri (year 8) presented a speech in Arabic to highlight the significance of the day – ‘Spirit of the Union’.
  • The Principal spoke and emphasized on the need for all students and staff to be respectful to the UAE’s culture and heritage and to contribute to the country’s overall growth.
  • Students from years 3-11 participated in a quiz about ‘How well do you know the UAE?’.

Children enjoyed getting acquainted with UAE’s culture and heritage and their hearts filled with love and respect towards the country and its leaders.

World Teachers’ Day

In order to thank and appreciate their teachers, students of years 9 and 10 contributed to an excellent teachers’ day program. The presentation began with an ex-student of MSB (and currently a teacher at our school) taking us through her life-journey. This was followed by a soulful note of thanks to teachers using candles and lighting by year 10. The finale was a hilarious drama depicting the life of a student, as he is persistently hounded and followed by his “subjects”. Year 9 students prepared a backdrop of thanks in languages from around the globe to recognise the day as an international event as also to mark the variety of multicultural influences within MSB, Dubai and the UAE.

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