Health is the most imperative aspect of our life!

Amatullah Mustafa

Year 9

Health controls our life in ways that we cannot even imagine. Some people are lucky enough to be blessed with good health, others are unfortunately not. Most people ruin their own health, by not valuing it. Health is such a crucial thing that even the world’s richest man cannot live without it or buy it!

The prime example of the quote ‘Health is not valued till sickness comes’, is the monstrous ongoing  pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic taught people innumerous values, morals and skills: gratitude, patience, usage of technology, love for nature; but the most vital thing it taught us was the significance of good health and how to take care of our precious health.

Everyone who got infected by the virus pray that they can get fit again, and all the people who didn’t get infected , are taking safety precautions seriously and diligently. Most sicknesses attack people who have low immunity and this is gained by eating good food, doing exercises and having positive thoughts.

I personally have seen people transforming and truly valuing their health after getting ill. My next-door neighbour, who was a 35-year-old man, used to be very careless and ate junk food throughout the day, and didn’t even move enough to burn those calories. That man had a brother who was the complete opposite of him; he used to do exercise and had a conscience of his health. The brother tried to explain to him, but the 35-year-old just ignored him. One terrifying day, the unhealthy brother got COVID-19, he went to the doctor and was alarmed that his immunity was very low. This was finally the moment he recalled his unhealthy habits and further regretted it. He had this ‘only if’ moment and wished if he could change everything all over again. Sadly, my neighbor couldn’t recover and died within a week. Despite the fact that his brother was in contact with him the whole time, he didn’t get infected. Indeed, this was because of his continuous efforts in keeping himself fit!

I urge all of you to take care of your health! People ignore their health while they are busy enjoying life, but always remember, there is no life without health! It is truly a blessing – health is wealth!