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Just a Sprinkle of Kindness

Zainab Lokhandwala – 10 A

All around the place and all around myself

I walk with my head high and sprinkle a little bit of kindness.

Dreaming about the chances of being accepted in a obnoxious society

Where one’s ego and pride are one’s priority

Boundaries to be aware of, and thoughts turning into daydreams.

Isn’t it unfair to always walk downtown in teams?

Scattered around the empty street, feeling mortified and helpless

Take a moment and sprinkle a little bit of kindness

To those who rolled their eyes,

To those who gave up, even before two tries

To those who weren’t grateful for their accomplishments

Stop thinking with your mind.

Your heart eagerly wants to be treated with kindness

Maybe there’s a place on earth or in the exquisite galaxy

It’s about time, let’s move towards a harmonic century

Future generations deserve to be treated with kindness

Welcome them with grace, prosperity and nourishment- not with new closet of dresses

Kindness is a virtue for everyone around the globe

No virtuous people wear capes of good hope

But they do carry around a smile and a warmth of acceptance

For all those who surround them, flattering them with their kind presence

Believe me, the effect is same

For being gentle with words and not accusing people with acclaims

And of the rewards of doing good for others feels equivalent

To the feeling we experience when the tables are turned to us- and the words we hear are always benevolent

Kindness is a value

Kindness is a feeling

Instilled within us, to prevent any of us to

Rage our temper, and end up kneeling.

Zainab says, “I got the inspiration for this poem from the harsh and cruel existence of discrimination, racism and all kinds of unwanted and ruthless behaviour in a society which is a dread to the peaceful future.”