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“Sports do not build character. They reveal it” — Heywood Hale Broun

by: Aliasgar Barbhaya Year 10 A

Many people believe that sports build character. If this was true, every sportsman would be tough, strong and a winner in every respect. However, that is not the case. The world of sports today still sees the toughest break down and the underdogs win. A person’s character is already developed, what sport does it only helps bringing it out. It does not help develop an athlete’s character, but rather, helps bring out the inner characteristics of a person.

One way sports help reveal a person’s character is by how a certain sportsman will react to a loss. A sullen loser shows how he is incapable of handling defeat and any setbacks both on and off the field. On the other hand, a sportsman who accepts defeat gracefully proves the magnanimity of his character through his game, thus showing his capability to react to any failures in life.

Another way sports reveal a person’s character is by way of victory. Victory can reveal whether a person can be humble and thankful achieving what they want to, or whether they will be vain and arrogant about it.

In expansion to wins and misfortunes, a diversion itself could be a genuine test of how an individual will conduct themselves in a pressurized circumstance. It may be a trial for one’s nerves, and how a sportsman conducts himself when beneath weight in a diversion can uncover how they will respond to genuine life stressful circumstances, since the will from both sides is similarly huge. In any case, the one who acts just like the greater individual and steps absent from the contentions, letting their amusement do the talking, appears the nobility of their character.

It is a test of patience and of overcoming challenges, and hence shows a person’s tolerance levels.

It has continuously been said that taking an interest in sports is one of the foremost successful ways of developing our character. To memorize — within the soul of sound competition — the craftsmanship of cooperation, overcoming  nimbleness and showing lowliness inside triumph. All things considered, sports are not around this, but or maybe approximately bringing forward a person’s character.