Banswara Meet 2019

Students of MSB Dubai participated in the 7th MSB International Athletic Meet held at Banswara, India. 22 MSB schools from around the world participated in this event which had athletic disciplines ranging from track events to team sports.

Our talented athletes, who had trained rigorously for the Meet, reached the finals of all the track events in which they participated, and brought home gold, silver and bronze medals (a total of seven). We were pleased to be placed 7th amongst all the schools.

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Sports Day

February 21, 2019: Sportsmanship reigned supreme at the Annual Sports Day, celebrated with much zeal and excitement. Students of Years 3-11 competed in sprints, relays, sack races, obstacle races and field events. The ‘Best March Past Trophy’ and the overall ‘Champions Trophy’ were awarded to the Yellow House, and Green House was the runner-up. Other highlights from the day included lighting the athletic torch, salute to the Chief Guest by the March Past teams, an energising equestrian display, gymnastics and loads of cheering!

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30×30 Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019

October 18-November 16, 2019: MSB has been an active member of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, with full school participation. During the time allotted for the Fitness Challenge, a variety of activities are conducted. Circuit training, strengthening sessions, yoga, endurance, laughter club and lots more. This year, there has been a strong focus on the overall fitness of children. 

Prior to commencing the Challenge, the capacity of the kids has been recorded. A test would also be taken at the event’s close to measure how much our students have improved.

Fitness Challenge activities at MSB also involve participation by parents, who had several fruitful sessions with the children.

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