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The art of autobiography

Yusuf Jamaluddin

Chapter 1: The fifth one was born    

I started out as all of us do but not entirely like most of us. I was the fifth child in my family but I was the first boy after my four, that’s right I said four sisters. Luckily, I wasn’t the only boy. After my year was over, out came my little brother, Hassan and till now he’s the youngest.

My family and I live happily most of the times … there are sometimes glitches that happen in my family, but they are solved, some in a short amount of time and some take a few hours.

Since my childhood, I’ve always been the weird one in my family; but there’s always a weird onein every family, right?

I’ve had many horrible, terrifying and the freaking-everybody- out incidents but in the end it always have worked out.  

Chapter 2: The red bus in London

When I was six, I went to London for a vacation with my family but it wasn’t all happy. We went out to have a little fun, we played a little and were very excited but what’s a story without a crisis?

After we had our fun, we were going home in a red, big and extremely amazing London bus where my problem started…

Extremely fast, we reached our stop but the twist is it wasn’t my stop. I was sitting a little bit further away from my family and I was sleeping. When I woke up, I saw that my family had already left the bus! I started panicking until I reached the last stop where the bus driver made a call and told my father that I was left in the bus.

My father then came to the last stop in a taxi and picked me up. My lesson was learned; I shouldn’t have panicked.

Chapter 3: The birthday disaster

When I turned ten years old, I had a cool, amazing and a mind blowing party. In the beginning. it seemed to be so much fun, but it turned out to be not as amazing as I had thought. It began with a movie, my friends, my family and I.

The moments were great because of the great movie. I thought that would be the best birthday ever but here’s the twist.

After the movie, which was great, we travelled towards the food court. At the food court, my family went to order food; I was left alone with my class. They were having fun but I felt a little bit left out. I went to the washroom to wash my hands but in the way I got hurt; I tripped over a small fence!

At the end, I was crying a little but then I cooled down as the food had arrived and because my friend helped me (Mustafa Rasheed). I was added in the activities after that, till now I remember it as the worst birthday ever but I’m glad my friends were beside me.

Chapter 4: The lone wolf in year 5     

In year 5, I had expected it would be a great year but it turned out to be a lonely year, in which I had only two-three friends but most of the time they were with my other classmates in year 5-A.

Hardly anyone came to me and asked me something or said something like” Hi” or “Hello.” Most people called me very shy; when the teacher asked me something, I wouldn’t answer so people would say that I was shy. In reality though, I didn’t know the answers.

I knew that there would come a day when people would notice me: the day was in year 6 when my friend (Juzer) finally helped me…

In year 6, I was finally not recognized as a shy person but a friend.

Chapter 5: A blast to the future

Surprisingly, I have a lot of friends but I still feel left out. I think this is because I’m not connected to my friends after school. I feel like I’m the only one who is doing things without the help of my friends alone. I hope that the future is connected with my friends and me.

In the future I want to be just like my father, who is a successful man: helping people with their worries.

I’ve always gotten inspired by my friends, my family and of course my teachers to do the right things.