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The iPhonus

Hamza Ameen


One radiant morning, John went for a walk. He was exceptionally energized, as it was his birthday. He was strolling when a postman unknowingly dropped a bundle and left. John attempted to call him but in vain. He lifted the package and read the location. It stated, “Railroad station, platform 9 ¾, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”. He nearly knew every place in the nation however he had never caught wind of it!

He curiously tore open the package. It was a mobile phone. He went home and inspected the device. He couldn’t discover anything surprising about it except the fact that there was no charging or headphones jack in it. There was just one home button. He couldn’t take it! His curiosity was hopping inside him. He took a full breath and tapped the home button. Nothing occurred for the following couple of moments and slowly the mobile switched on.  John was shocked to see the home screen. It was no ordinary phone. There were a great many applications on it, applications that he had never seen on other phones.

 He was lured into trying out this magical appearing device.  As he cherished chess, he opened the application named Wizard Chess. A clock of ten seconds showed up and John got sucked up in the mysterious device. He stood on a chess board forming a part of the game. He was apprehensive, yet he realized that he had no other way out but to proceed. As he played on, he became more acquainted with the game. He fiercely battled on the board, killing and defeating the opponent’s characters, ending with a check-and-a mate on the opposing king.

He was now aware that this device was paranormal. He looked through the other applications. He settled all the gear in his home utilizing the Reparo application, and the iElf application got him a housekeeper. The Lumos application changed the electric lights into enchanted lights to spare power and thus this first day experience enhanced his lifestyle.

While resting, in his dream, he imagined how his life would further change with this magical phone in his possession. He could be a Superhero, defeating the bad and helping the good. He would end up being well known and rich.

 The following day he got to know about the iDuplicate application and made copies of the phone. This gave him a stupendous idea. He publicized it on social media demonstrating his discovery.  John began to sell it for a ransom amount of 500,000 USD. He was smart enough to delete the iDuplicate app from the other phones. Soon everyone began ordering it and John turned into the most extravagant man alive.

Numerous laws were made about the phone. Indeed, even the schools had to set standards that students could only activate the iPhonus in the break time and no destructive charms to be used. Finally, everyone had one of these phones and everybody lived happily ever after.