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Unjunk – upcycle art competition – april

Sustainable living involves being aware of resource consumption and waste management. Together we can support a Regenerative Recovery by Rethinking what is possible. What we’ve learned from the Coronavirus pandemic crisis is Through creative, reflective and meaningful art activities our students can easily take action and generate awareness about the importance of recycling. Un-Junk is an Upcycle/Recycle Art competition that aims to get people thinking about resources and sustainability at the same time as creating some awesome pieces of art. 


By using discarded materials to create art, our students will learn to encourage reduced consumption of new materials and inspire people to think about ways in which “trash” can be viewed as an environmentally useful resource just waiting to be Reused, Repaired and Recycled.

Yoghurt can, turned into a pencil holder, or plastic bags turned into beautiful flower art, are great ways of changing perceptions and creating something of value. 

handicrafts assigned for various year groups were as follows:                                                  

FS1: Newspaper craft

FS2: Creative card board box art

Year 1: Magazine/Newspaper collage

Year 2: Animal craft out of tins/cans/disposable glass.

Year 3: Wall hangings out of old Compact discs(CD’s)

Year 4: ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’-Arty money box/accessories box

Year 5: “Save the birds” Design a bird feeder from milk cartons /tetra packs

Year 6: Be creative with plastic bags.

Year 7: Functional/Decorative art using plastic bottles of any type.

Year 8: Re-Fashion or Repurpose your old T-shirts/Jeans

Year 9: Junk Sculpture