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World food day

IS ZERO GOOD? When we aim at zero food wastage and zero hunger, ZERO is definitely the best. As part of the World Food Day activities, students collaborated with Maitha Thani Al-Marri, the Dubai Municipality’s Senior Food Trade Hygiene Officer and Member of the UAE Food Bank along with Mr. Yousif Fidaali Burhani (NLP Coach and founder of FOOD LOSS SAGA) and discussed food waste statistics and actionable ideas on how to achieve zero food waste. WHO PUT THE COOKIES IN THE COOKIE JAR? “Our Actions are Our Future”. To make this beautiful quote come true, our tiny tots made this World Food Day a memorable event. Through this creative activity based on the story ‘Who put the cookies in the cookie jar?’ they valued the hard work of many people who make food easily available for us. To show their gratitude to those millions of hands, our kids prepared delicious healthy cookies and shared them with the people who help or care for them