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World ocean day- June

The MSBians of Dubai participated in the Middle East Painting competition with a lot of enthusiasm. Around sixty students from Foundation stage to Year 9 registered for the event through a Google form shared with the parents. The competition was organised in both the schools- Art room on various days as per the schedule of the various year groups. Students enjoyed the whole experience. They were completely involved in the creative adventure. When we spoke with the participants about their insights of the drawing they created, some had concerns regarding the future of the ocean life as they researched that there will be no fish in the ocean by 2040 if we do not stop the pollution now. Whereas some were very positive about the future as they believed that with awareness and research and the Global sustainable goals in place we will be able to have clean and beautiful marine life in the future. Our oceans will flourish again. One of the winners has symbolically depicted this with a rainbow, which shows that a bright future awaits. While one of them has designed a sustainable human settlement inside the ocean. The students’ research work and insights along with beautiful paintings make the whole experience worthwhile. Overall it was a successful event amidst all the other activities at the juncture of Final exams. Students were awarded with certificates